The Prospector: Tearing Walls Apart: Through the Eyes Of a Student Artist

The Mansion Inn has lay abandoned and empty for the past decade. That all changed this summer when creator Marisa Kolokotronis, a St. Francis alumni, executed her idea to showcase an immersive visual and performing arts exhibit and festival on the hotel’s barren walls before the hotel gets torn down and a new one takes its place.

Tearing Walls Apart began in early August with an application process, but Kolokotronis said her plan began last November and took months to put to put together. She did so with the help of many local sponsors, like Leave Your Mark Sacramento, The Grupe Company, and SKK Developments.

The show was available to all students in the County of Sacramento. It appealed to Sacramentan artists of all shapes, sizes, and mediums. Each team, of up to six members, was assigned to a room and had total creative control of the room and could decorate it any way they pleased as long as it coincided with the overarching theme of unity.

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